CPCA Code of Ethics - 2015

As a Personal Chef Service business owner and member of the Canadian Personal Chef Association, I am solemnly committed to:

  1. Applying the best of my technical and creative abilities to produce high quality culinary results for my clients;
  2. Using my education, experience and resources to meet my clients’ expectations in all areas of my service including: communications, planning and execution of events, menus and meals, meeting special diet needs and other requests and adhering to food safety standards;
  3. Actively maintaining and upgrading my professional knowledge and skills; 
  4. Acting in accordance with all local, provincial and federal business laws and regulations, particularly in matters of food safety and standards;
  5. Maintaining food safety certification;
  6. Maintaining business liability insurance;
  7. Maintaining a professional and positive public image of my business, the Canadian Personal Chef Association and the Personal Chef industry;
  8. Maintaining professional and positive relationships with CPCA members, including respecting their copyrights and intellectual property;
  9. Respecting my clients’ homes, property and privacy, always acting discreetly and as a member of their families;
  10. Protecting and safeguarding client information as required by federal privacy law;
  11. Promptly and professionally addressing any issues with clients around satisfaction of service;
  12. Disclosing information requested by my clients about the preparation of their meals;
  13. Leaving clear food-safety, storage and heating directions for meals I have prepared; and,
  14. Complying with CPCA licensing agreements and modifications, copyrights, trademarks, logos and intellectual property.

I understand that infractions of this Code of Ethics may lead to the revoking of my status as a CPCA Member

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